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Hello, and thank you for your interest in Dog Gone Walking.  My name is Lee Ann and I am the owner and founder of Pinehurst's most unique dog walking/pet sitting service.  I've been a life-long pet lover and, after retiring from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, I decided to follow my passions. I look forward to getting to know your Laborador, Persian, Parakeet, Poodle, Shepard, Siamese, guppy, Tabby, Boxer or hamster!   


I've always thought of our dogs and cats as family members (I won't even let the vet take ours back to their lab for tests without me going too!) so I can assure you that your cherished friends will receive the same treatment!


Loving your pet is what we do best!

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Loving your pets is what we do best!

"Your dog depends on you for her quality of life.  Walking her every day stimulates her mentally and physically keeping her balanced, healthy and happy for a lifetime."

                                   - Dr. Becker, Healthy Pets

"If you're uncomfortable around my dog, I'd be happy to lock you in another room when you come over."

                         - Staff of Dog Gone Walking 


A short walk (15 minutes) and potty break. Water and treats as needed and a great belly rub.


Per Stretch


At least 30 minutes of solid walking.  Plenty of exercise and play.  Water and treats

as needed.


                   Per Stroll


A minimum 45 minute walk. Water and treats as needed. Plenty of TLC.


                Per Marathon



Fresh food and water. A little ball play if they are feeling frisky. Litter box cleaning and medication for all your little critters. Including, but not limited to cats, rabbits, birds, and hampsters.


$15 per visit



Relax, I've got this!  Focus on matters at hand knowing that your pets are receiving exceptional care. 20 minutes of an outdoor break with some loving attention.

$25 per visit


Perfect for travelers who want an added sense of security that their homes is safe and appears to be occupied. Home care includes watering plants, alternate lights and blinds, put out the trash for pick-up and collect mail and other deliveries.

$25 per visit


Aberdeen, Pinehurst,

Southern Pines, West End

"Dogs are working, thinking animals that need a purpose beyond just sitting or sleeping all day."

                                        - Cincinnati Dog Pages


Is there a charge for the initial visit? The initial visit, known as the Meet and Greet, is 100% free for all clients. My objective is to get to know you and your furry friends!

I have more than one dog. Are there going to be extra fees?  We do not charge for an additional dog (up to two in the same household) when they are walked at the same time.


How far in advance should services be reserved?  The more advance notice you can give us, the better.  Usually we can accommodate all service requests that we receive within a couple of business days.


Do you provide services during inclement weather?  Yes, most of the time.  In cases of bad weather such as heavy rains or snow, we will substitute a walk with an indoor play session as long as travel to and from your home is considered to be safe.  If travel is not advised, we will need to reschedule. In such cases, we will contact you as far in advance as possible.

What is the cancellation policy?  At this time, there isn't a penalty for cancellations on any services  We do not offer refunds, however.  All cancellations will receive a full credit on their account to use towards future services.



What results and benefits can I expect for me and my pet(s)?  You'll be able to relax and focus on work or fun, knowing that your pet is in caring and capable hands.  We'll reduce your pet's stress, too, by providing companionship, exercise and simulation while you're away.  Your pet will be happy and comfortable and so will you.

Will you be able to take care of my other pets?  Yes!  While our speciality is dog walking, we are able to take care of your other pets, including cats, fish, birds and bunnies living in your household.


How do I track/monitor/verify services and activity?  All services include a text message picture and a daily report card.

How many dogs are walked at a time?  Dog Gone Walking provides one-on-one attention to fit your dog's needs.   If you have more than one dog, we will walk two at a time at the owner's request.

My dog has been aggressive in the past.  Can I still be a client?  This really depends on your dog.  If your dog walker or sitter gets along well with your pet and can control him during walks, then we see no reason why we can't continue to work with you.  However, if there is an immediate danger or physical harm to the sitter/walker, then unfortunately we won't be able to care for your dog.

What do you do in case of an emergency?  During the initial Meet and Greet, we will discuss the preferences you have for your home and pet. Emergency contact info and special instructions will be collected before dog walking or in-home sitting services begin, however, in all emergency cases, the health of the pet will be our top priority. 



How are my home keys handled/stored/etc.?  We ask that your keys not contain any labels or identification of your name/address/etc.  We code the keys based on a variety of random and unique identifiers.  They are stored in our enterprise level safe/lock box.


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SCHEDULE YOUR MEET AND GREET:  Call us at 704-458-5291 or go to our Contact page to schedule your Meet and Greet. Occasionally, we'll have the Meet and Greets catered with caviar, champagne and an assortment of fresh fruit and cheeses but you may not want to count on that.

MEET AND GREET:  Plan for about 20-30 minutes. This time is really important because it's an opportunity to find out about likes/dislikes, habits, tendancies, neighborhood romances and all the other peculiarities. Of course, we'll spend a few minutes discussing your pets too! 


We'll also go over the detail items such as where you keep your pet's food, leashes, favorite CD's, litter box, trash can and other items that we will need to access while caring for your pets. Of course, we'll beg and plead with you to fill out a form or two and we can discuss a customized Pet Care Plan to meet your needs.  Every plan is different and we can do as much, or as little, as you need.


DOCUMENTS:  Please have a copy of your pet's health records from your vet showing that immunizations are up to date.  Your vet can typically fax or mail these to you.  In addition, should there ever be a medical emergency where we must take your pet to another vet other than your own, we'll have the medical history available to aid in the diagnosis and treatment.


PAYMENTS:  Payment is always nice and we accept cash,or check, great recipes, gold, silver, rare coins or Treasury Bonds. We're big fans of live music so we may even let you sing for your pet services!  (Of course, if you're terrible, we may charge you double.) If you will be paying by check, please make checks out to Dog Gone Walking.  For future visits, payment must be received on or prior to the scheduled service date.




Dog Gone Walking provides one-on-one attention to your furry friends and cherishes them with the same love and attention they receive at home from you.


Daily routine is important for your pet's emotional and physical well-being.  You can go to work or out of town knowing your pet's schedule will remain consistent.



We are delighted to have you as a valued customer and strive to make the process as easy as possible.



We'd love to hear from you.  Email or call us to schedule your Meet and Greet today!


Subscription:  A customized regular schedule based on your needs

Occasional:    As needed

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